Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Guest Posters Is Better Than Me

Regularly mainstream media types pick up on stuff my guest posters do and credit me instead. This was on Olbermann last night.

The runner-up, Pete Hegseth, the chairman of the conservative group Vets for Freedom, and a contributor to the “National Review” Online, with this comment: “laying aside the debate over what is and what isn‘t torture, it‘s hard to argue with eight-plus years of safety since 9/11.” Swing and a miss; eight plus years wouldn‘t be until like late November this year, when it would be eight years and a day since the death of the last Anthrax victim, or 9/11 was in May of 2001, or Mr. Bush wasn‘t present during 9/11. As the blogger Atrius note, “NRO contributor attempts to count to eight, fails.”

That post
was actually by Thurs.