Tuesday, June 09, 2009

We Are All In Agreement Now

That isn't quite true, but today I was thinking about how much the liberal blogosphere has changed since the early days. Yes I'm so old I can talk about the early days of political blogging. Back then there were real divides on major issues, such is the Iraq war, with plenty of then- or now-prominent bloggers being in favor of it. Aside from issues, there were pretty big disagreements on the whole it sucks to be the minority party and "What Democrats need to do to win elections is..." question. Some people were pretty beltway CW squishy and thought selling out women and gay people was the right thing to do. Some people, like me, thought that while Democrats didn't need to stampede to the left, necessarily, they did need to stop playing politics on the Republican field and start drawing distinctions between the two parties other than "we're not quite as evil as the other guys."

There was that primary business, of course, though the less said about the better. But by and large in the liberal blogging world there's pretty solid consensus on a whole range of issues, including some issues which probably weren't on most peoples' radar a few years ago. People obviously have different priorities and interests, and beliefs about the ranking of importance of issues differs. And some are more inclined to reflexively distrust elites, even our elites, while some are more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt. But, basically, there really isn't all that much disagreement about policy... except perhaps over how to clean up after those lovely little wars.