Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Guess Things Change

Jonathan Alter has been all over the teevee recently talking about those crazy lefties who want a public plan. Just now he was on MSNBC saying that "the left" was off-kilter and ignoring the "moral core" of health care reform.

In June, someone wrote this:

That takes us back to a public option, which would force insurers to redraw their business models and accept lower profits. The House bill will include it, but the Senate's almost certainly won't. Instead, moderates there are pushing health-care "cooperatives." Nobody has a clue what that means. Would the co-ops be like utilities? Farm cooperatives? Starting fresh with a quasi-public/quasi-private organization might bring some much-needed creativity to health-care financing. But without a federal charter and some seed money to help them enroll millions, co-ops will get swamped by the private-insurance lobby, which has become expert at marginalizing state-run experiments.
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When it comes time to hammer out the final plan in the House-Senate conference committee, Obama and Rahm Emanuel will likely make the House accept a reduction in the deductibility of employer-based plans and make the Senate accept some kind of public option or co-op with teeth. Anything less means the president didn't get the sucker.

That someone, of course, was Jonathan Alter. (ht dday)