Sunday, August 09, 2009

(Presumably) Het Male Sports Culture Is Weird

So odd.
Home-plate ump, Ed Rapuano threw Victorino out of the game after Victorino threw up his arms over a pitch in the seventh inning. Victorino, who says he let his emotions get to him, ran in and got up in the ump's face. For a moment it looked like he wanted to go at it with Ed. "I definitely had no intentions of touching him or anything like that. I love the guy and that's why I'm so upset. He's one of those guys you can play grab-ass with and have fun with out there on the field. I think that's why it's more frustrating to me, that it was him that got my first ejection from a major league baseball game."

It isn't just the embrace of playing grab-ass, it's also the degree to which it's an outlet for male angst/sentimentality, and generally a weepy for big dudes.

To be clear, all for consensual grab-ass no matter who is involved.