Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Same Almost Everywhere

Arizona is having Cali-type problems with the budget and their Republican legislature.

Republican lawmakers have insulted the governor in the local news media and rejected her budget proposals, and on Tuesday some even refused to vote on her latest budget plan. The governor’s budget includes tax increases for shoppers, tax cuts for those making $150,000 or more as well as for corporations, sharp cuts to state spending and a cap on future education funding.

At the center of the conflict is the governor’s proposal that the state dig out of its shortfall — equal to a third of Arizona’s operating budget — with a 1 cent sales tax increase, to be put before voters on the November ballot.

This request enraged Republican lawmakers, whose leaders have been unable to reach a budget deal with Ms. Brewer. She vetoed most of the bills in an earlier budget package, saying the cuts were too injurious to the poor. (The Democratic minority remains disenchanted with all of the budget proposals.)