Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Trouble With The NHS

Not every English person loves the NHS, but the basic complaint about it isn't that it exists, it's that the government doesn't spend enough on it. And, relative to other countries, Brits don't spend much money on health care.

She told The Times: 'The NHS let me down and I just wanted to make the point that people should not rely solely on it.

'But what I said has been skewed out of proportion... My point was not that the NHS shouldn't exist or that it was a bad thing. I think that our health service is not perfect but to get better it needs more public money, not less. I didn't realise it was having such a political impact.'

Fun fact the media never tells you: as a % of GDP, the US has greater public expenditures on health care than the UK does. Not total expenditures, we know that. Public expenditures. More big government health care in the US than the UK.