Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Papers All Agree: Need To Listen To Even Nuttier Right Wingers

As Josh says, Matt Drudge has for years ruled their world but now our elite journalistic institutions are concerned that they aren't enough aware of what right wing crazies are concerned about. I guess we can conclude that they never noticed Drudge was particularly right wing.

A major issue in Washington - including the Village press, but basically the entire political-industrial empire - is that voices to the left of the right wing of the Democratic party go unheard by basically everyone. We can mock Kent Conrad for not being aware of the fact that not every European country's health care system is like the NHS, but consider the bubble he must operate in for that to be the case. None of his legislative staffers ever exposed him to this idea? Not once during this whole health care discussion did anyone break through his brain shield and communicate this to him? And this isn't about some crazy left wing idea or opinion, it's a basic and relevant fact about health care systems.