Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Did Not Mean To Become A Polanski Blogger

I didn't, because I figured there would be various arguments people would make, honestly or not, about judicial conduct and legal procedure, or whether this is really serving justice, or whatever, and all that's fine. I don't much care and and prefer to occupy my beautiful mind with different things. I really didn't expect that people would be suggesting the little slut wanted it or, that because Polanski's a Daddy he's entitled to a get out of jail free card for raping someone else's kid.

I think our society has become a bit hysterical about teen sexuality, and that age limits and punishments for statutory rape have, in some states, started to get a bit exteme even if such relationships are inappropriate.

But the undisputed facts of this case are that she was given booze and drugs and raped. There may be other procedural legal issues as I said, but I really can't believe people are minimizing what happened. What is wrong with these people?