Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heckuva Job

I spent some time in New London when this issue was a Big Deal, and while I eventually came around to the idea that while really awful policy it shouldn't be unconstitutional, it was still an example of local private and public players behaving very badly...

When Pfizer announced on Monday that it was closing its global research and development headquarters in New London, Conn., the news reverberated far beyond the struggling seaport city. The project, part of an urban renewal effort, was the basis for a much-debated 2005 Supreme Court decision upholding government’s eminent domain rights to take private property for public use.

But the New London redevelopment never got off the ground, even after the local and state governments spent more than $80 million to buy and demolish private property to pave the way. Now comes the blow from Pfizer: how will its withdrawal affect future eminent domain battles in redevelopment projects? What are the lessons learned for urban planners and local governments?

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