Friday, November 06, 2009


I don't have strong views on the rightness or wrongness of my local transit authority (SEPTA) strike. Important issue is the underfunded pension, with the union saying theirs is much more underfunded than management's, and management just saying they're doing what's legally required. Recent events certainly give the union good reason to be concerned that their pensions might be like Lucy's football when the time comes to collect. If it's as underfunded as they say, then that's a pretty damn good reason to strike. I am puzzled by people who think bus driver wages are extremely high. For those people, I say... SEPTA's hiring! Have fun driving that bus, Paul Davies. As if.

As someone not dependent on it to get around, I obviously don't have the perspective of someone having a difficult/impossible to get to work/school. Get that people are pissed, just think they should be a little less sure about who they should be pissed at.

Talks breaking down, so strike continues!