Monday, December 07, 2009


Since all the dirty hippies decided that the public option was what mattered, it was probably inevitable that it would go (I don't know this, I'm hopefully mostly kidding). Pissing off the hippies is what "moderates" do, and as most of them don't have a clue about policy anyway, if the hippies are for it then they know it must be bad.

Along those lines, dirty fucking hippies like digby shouldn't they think lowering the Medicare age is a good idea, because if so it won't happen.

Next time there's a major piece of legislation, I hope "The Left" can organize around supporting all the stuff they actually don't like and rejecting all the stuff that they actually do. We might just trick the "moderates" that way.

...adding, in practice I think any "compromise" which will make liberals sort of happy will just be a shiny object which will be pulled away at the last second.