Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 : Everything old is new again

Hey everybody! Guess who still has the keys to the place?

Yeah. Me.

Fox News(sic) went looking for some "Democrats" joining that massive groundswell of an uprising tidal wave of unstoppable forces calling for the head of Janet Napolitano because she failed to personally stop Evil Genius Nomar Fallujah Crotchrocket from almost blowing up every airplane in the world just so Atrios can get his damn Supertrains To Everywhere already.

What Fox came up with was some guy from Jersey and Dan Gerstein who is a "Democratic strategist" if by "Democratic Strategist" you mean "guy who bears the taint of Joe Lieberman's taint, forever".

This comes as no surprise as Glenzilla pointed out, oh, last decade:

This is nothing more than the classic Fox News method at work, and it is used continuously to manufacture non-existent scandals. They find some disgruntled, neoconservative figure calling him or herself a "Democrat" -- a Tammy Bruce or Kirsten Powers or Lanny Davis -- to spout all sorts of angry criticisms towards other Democrats. Notwithstanding the fact that such individuals represent exactly nobody and are complete anomalies among Democrats (which is precisely why they're chosen), their single individualized views are then generalized to "many Democrats" or even just "Democrats" -- as in "Democratic activists in various corners privately questioned the wisdom of the Clinton campaign in choosing to write for a blog associated with Hamsher."

Dan Gerstein -- as a result of the work done by liberal blogs to defeat his career mentor, Joe Lieberman -- has transformed himself into a free-floating, embittered figure who devotes his public commentary almost exclusively to criticizing liberal blogs. Obviously, that is his prerogative. But when he does that, he is not speaking for "Democrats" or "many Democrats" or "Democratic political circles."

The classics never go out of style.