Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Luck Sen. Gillibrand

Harold Ford Jr. today:
I am pro-choice -- have always been since I entered politics almost 15 years ago. My cumulative grade with NARAL during 10 years in Congress was right at 80 percent. Any assertions to the contrary are false.
Harold Ford Jr. in 2006:
WALLACE: Congressman, you voted for the Iraq war. You're pro-life. You voted to ban gay marriage and flag burning. If a Democrat who votes as a conservative on guns, gays and God can't win this year, in Tennessee, does any Democrat ever chance in a red Southern state?

FORD: Well, that's why we're going to win, to prove that one, to prove that right. I think the other issue that my opponent has is that he's wrong on taxes. He's never, ever cut a tax in his entire life, not as mayor of Chattanooga or as finance commissioner for our former governor, Don Sundquist, who actually introduced a state income tax.
And Harold Ford Jr. in 2006:
COLMES: Why would you change your view? You were pro-choice at one time. What happened?

FORD:Let me say this. No, no. I was not pro-choice at one time. We don't have votes like that in the Congress, sir. I voted for parental notification. I voted against partial birth abortion. I voted for the procedure my first two or three years in the Congress.
And on and on.

Harold Ford Jr. is a slimier-than-most politician who wraps himself in sanctimony. Plus, he's a horrible pundit. I've never seen him reject the premise of a question, and as a frequent Fox News contributor, that says a lot.