Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe we Should All Take a Civility Pledge

[bumping this because it got stepped on earlier..-a]

Kevin K of RumpRoast is getting hassled with one of the more appalling cases of trying to out a blogger I've come across. It's appalling because (1) the crazy person behind it is going after Kevin's wife too, as well as his co-bloggers; (2) the crazy obscure blogger behind it is claiming he's the victim of attacks on the part of Daily Kos ultimately financed by George Soros, and wingnuts of course, are eating this lunacy up (see for instance the serially irresponsible Glenn Reynolds) despite the fact the obscure crazy blog's claim to getting persecuted is as transparently false as it is completely unhinged.

Taking internet blog arguments personally to the extent of trying to find out where someone's family members work is nasty enough, but it's especially awful when the guy doing it is making obviously crazy claims that are uncritically swallowed whole by the right blogosphere (the guy BTW has also done a Breitbart internet radio show).