Saturday, January 09, 2010

Michael Steele: Chairman Michael Steele National Committee

The GOP's awesome week continues with Michael Steele cancelling media events with reporters and friendly press, which has everyone including the teabagger crowd livid.

But the Washington Post glances by what may be the biggest revelation I've heard about Steele. Namely that he has a PR firm outside of the RNC that's promoting him, rather than Republican operatives who man the RNC.

Steele's book has been in the works for about a year and is separate from his role as party chairman, an RNC spokesman said. Steele has hired a public relations firm to help him book media interviews. After Republican congressional staffers pleaded with his handlers in a conference call Wednesday to "get him to stop" speaking out in interviews, Steele's RNC aides said they have "no control" over the chairman's appearances or what he says, according to people on the call.
Michael Steele has decided to go rogue using his status as RNC chairman to make money while the RNC bleeds money, all with staff outside of the RNC (and outside of the influence of Boehner, McConnel and RNC members). Michael Steele is not a stupid man, he realizes that the Republican model is that "talent" can only fail upwards. He must believe the vice-presidency is in his grasp.