Friday, January 08, 2010

Michael Steele Is a DNC Plant

When I was at the DNC I watched with amazement when Republicans decided to fail Michael Steele upwards into chairmanship of the RNC. But never in my wildest dream did I think he'd be this big of a screw up. He's using his position as the RNC chair to personally profit from a really bad book, he's doing speeches on the side for money when he's supposed to be representing the Republican party for free. Every time he appears on TV he tends to highlight all of the lovely divisions inside the Republican party. I really wish Democrats could take credit for getting him elected at the RNC, but let's be honest no one could have invented Michael Steele.

Oh, and something I noticed last year, at its current rate of spending the RNC is going to be broke before the November election. Heckuva job Michael Steele.

But you know, somehow the media's favorite headline is that Democrats are screwed.

Update: And just for fun Top 10 Michael Steele quotes. #1 was my ringtone for a while. Is that weird?