Monday, January 11, 2010

You Go to the Box and Feel Shame!

Charles Pierce has a blog now, and he seems to be using it to spread Evil Tidings. All Right-Thinking-Folk must be appalled at this news, though as of this moment there is no real confirmation, and is probably merely an instance of the old tactic, the mind-fuck.

As an aside, Mr. Pierce is more than welcome to my blog's old Flann O'Brien tag-line, but only on condition that in future whenever he references Ed Reed, he is careful to use the proper descriptor, which would be "former University of Miami Hurricanes great Ed Reed." (With "great" as the noun, naturally.) This would be more than fair.

To those Eschaton readers who don't care about sports or sports movies, Nathan Fillion playing Ralph Hinckley in a remake of The Greatest American Hero would be The Greatest Fucking American Movie Ever. But only if they don't fuck with the theme song (which I can still sing in its entirety, unless I haven't been drinking). That guy who did Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whatsisname, Judd Apatow, should direct it.