Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Local Transit Authority

It certainly wasn't crippled like DC Metro has been, though it wasn't without problems. At Saturday at 2pm everything but the subways (one of which is actually an El for much of its run) were shut down. They did run the subways all night, which was definitely to their credit. I believe by Sunday morning most everything was running on a mostly normal Sunday schedule, though plenty of buses were/are having route diversions due to snow issues. The regional rail system is having equipment failure issues, as snow getting into the motors causes them to shut down. Aside from the regional rail, El, and Norristown HSL, there are several overground trolley lines and all were back up running fairly quickly, at least with bus replacement service. I'm not even sure if the PATCO line to New Jersey ever shut down, but in any case it was up and running again fairly quickly if it did.