Thursday, February 18, 2010

Urban Hellhole Blogging

I'm not a fan of the casino trolley project anyway, but I hope this bit is just bad reporting.

The latest contract advances a $500 million light-rail project that would operate in the middle of Columbus Boulevard between Pier 70 and Girard Avenue. The route would provide service between the two casinos planned for the riverfront, Foxwoods to the south and SugarHouse to the north.

A Market Street light-rail line also would run from City Hall to the waterfront line. The waterfront trolleys could be running by 2016 if federal funding is available, DRPA officials said.

A surface light rail line down Market St. is dumb anyway, but it's extra stupid if it is a separate line. If this isn't bad reporting, it's possible they know they can't resolve the problem of how to connect them up without interfering with later riverfront redevelopment plans.

...for the three of you who might be interested, here's a look at the proposal.