Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breaking News

by Molly Ivors

It's been a while, folks, but I have something so earth-shattering to announce that I feel okay about coming back to our shared space to do it.

Maureen Dowd is right

I know, I know. It's terrifying. I myself am askeered of the implications of radical reorganization of the planets. But props where props are due.

I have not really considered myself a Catholic since the ascension of Benedict: Anytime "pope" and "Hitler Youth" appear in the same sentence, it should make anyone uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it was the evil of his work with the Inquisition that really pushed me away: John Paul II gave Ratzinger free reign to root out liberal Catholicism, which he did with zeal, and is still doing.

Glenn Beck would be proud, but it's not a faith I, or my father or my late mother, who dedicated their lives to the church, would recognize.