Thursday, March 25, 2010

Insert Inappropriate Dick Nixon Joke Here

I just got this in my inbox, subject "Brookings Institution scholars Jonathan Rauch, Tom Mann and Henry Aaron offer their thoughts on what a shift to Republican control of the House this fall would mean for President Obama. "

Jonathan Rauch: “The country’s biggest problems are too large for one party to handle, at least in any consistent way. The Democrats did pass health reform on a party-line basis, a remarkable accomplishment, but they did it by the skin of their teeth and with a Senate supermajority which has evaporated. That is not a trick they can keep performing. Under those conditions, the only way to achieve sustainable bipartisanship is to divide control of the government, forcing the parties to negotiate in order to get anything done. That pulls policy toward the center, which encourages reasonableness.”

Someone really needs to check the mercury content of the water cooler there.