Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's The Economy Stupid

I've long thought that was somewhat less true in 1992 than is generally portrayed, but it is certainly true now. Herbert:
The Obama administration and Democrats in general are in trouble because they are not urgently and effectively addressing the issue that most Americans want them to: the frightening economic insecurity that has put a chokehold on millions of American families. The economy shed 36,000 jobs last month, and that was trumpeted in the press as good news. Well, after your house has burned down I suppose it’s good news that the flames may finally be flickering out. But once you realize that it will take 11 million or more new jobs to get us back to where we were when the recession began, you begin to understand that we’re not really making any headway at all.

The optimists might be right and the "not losing as many jobs as we were before" news might signal good things to come, but it isn't yet good news.