Monday, March 08, 2010

Spring Fundraiser

We're coming up on the 8 year anniversary of this humble blog. It's always been quite the sucky blog, but somehow people keep coming back anyway. One doesn't like to complain, as it is in many ways quite the privileged life, but keeping this thing humming 24/7, with thankful help from all of the other contributors of course, and trying to deal with various tech and community issues, along with the email mountain, as best as I can, for that long actually has been quite the chore. It's hard to run a blog like this and do too much else, though now that bloggers are Very Important People there are always other blog-related time consuming activities which get in the way of the actual blogging.

As I believe I did last time I put out the begging bowl, I'll throw in some blasts from the pasts from the archives, if not necessarily the posts themselves, some reminders of the grand glory days of the blog.

This isn't charity, and certainly not tax deductible. I'm not poor. If you're poor, certainly don't think you're obligated to provide anything. No one else should feel obligated either. This is just a gift, a token of appreciation, to help make sure continuing to do this is realistic.

I'll be mildly annoying for a few days, then back in the basement for the begging bowl for another couple of years.