Friday, April 09, 2010

Joey The Biden In My Hood

Guess I should have said hello. From White House press pool:

South Philadelphia residents by now are accustomed to high-ranking politicos descending on Pat's, a local landmark. People came running from all directions at the sight of the motorcade.

With Biden was U.S. Rep. Robert A. Brady (D., 1st District of Pa.), and his wife, Debra, and also Philadelphia Mayor Mchael Nutter.

Amid a friendly crush of humanity, Biden chit-chatted with locals. He put his arm around many for cell-phone photos.

One whom Biden embraced was Joe Gower, 31, of Sewell, N.J., who was having a steak sandwich a half-block away at Pat's arch-rival, Geno's.

"I came over. I was hoping it was the President. But I'm happy it was the vice president."

He said he couldn't linger. His steak sandwich was getting cold back at Geno's.

Not sure if that was a Biden gaffe or a mistake by the reporter. I'm sure he meant Pat's, as it says earlier, and not Geno's.
...and yes, that's Pat's.

...ah, just realized poor reading skills on my part. Gower was eating at Geno's, not Biden.