Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forever War

Politico posted up the full scanned Rolling Stone story, one of those horrible copyright violations bloggers are always engaging in. Not going to link, but there's this shocker.

But facts on the ground, as
history has proven, offer little
deterrent to a military determined
to stay the course.
Even those closest to Mc-
Chrystal know that the rising
anti-war sentiment at home
doesn’t begin to reflect how
deeply fucked up things are
in Afghanistan. “If Americans
pulled back and started paying
attention to this war, it
would become even less popular,”
a senior adviser to Mc-
Chrystal says. Such realism,
however, doesn’t prevent advocates
of counterinsurgency
from dreaming big: Instead of
beginning to withdraw troops
next year, as Obama promised,
the military hopes to ramp up
its counterinsurgency campaign
even further. “There’s
a possibility we could ask for
another surge of U.S. forces
next summer if we see success
here,” a senior military official
in Kabul tells me.