Saturday, July 24, 2010

Accountable For What?

Just adding to the post below, ever since I've been blogging - anonymously at first, and then not - I've been hearing journalists talk about the need for people on the internets to be "held accountable."
Phillips announced: "something is going to have to be done legally. . . . these people have to be held accountable, they're a bunch of cowards." [The most noteworthy part of this might actually have come toward the end, when Roberts -- out of absolutely nowhere -- volunteered this creepy confession: "I always caution young people: never post a naked photograph of yourself on the Internet"; if there's anything needing greater attention, it might be Roberts' bizarre propensity for walking around starting conversations with "young people" about that].

Again...what kind of accountability? Jail time for being mean on the internets? Basically it comes down to "people who annoy me should get fired for stuff they do when not on the job."