Monday, July 12, 2010

Helplessly Hoping

I read the Bobblespeak Translations yesterday, some transcript excerpts, listened to commentary last night at Virtually Speaking and experienced a twitter barrage.

And I still don't hear anybody who says that Krugman and the other Keynesians are wrong, that another stimulus directed to job creation would not decrease unemployment without any significant risk of inflation or any real danger to the bond markets.

They all say stuff like "You have to be realistic" "Change is very, very hard." " So therefore, what? Out with the old, in with Boehner, Issa, Romney? Then what?"

Or Gibbs yesterday:

The, the point the president was making and the point that the president will make this fall is, do you want to go backward to an economy that led us into this mess, that saw the greatest financial calamity since the Great Depression, that turned record surpluses into record deficits? Or do you want to continue on the track that the president has put us on, that has started to create private sector jobs.

And, therefore, we should........