Friday, August 06, 2010

Dear Internet Gods

Thank you for giving us Dr. Kevin Pezzi M.D. I spent a solid hour tonight laughing about this, and no, that time was not wasted at all.

For those of you who chuckled but didn't go all the way down the rabbit hole, let me share my favorite (of oh so many) Pezzi websites (dude owns more domains than GoDaddy).

If you visit you'll get to enjoy a Pezzi trifecta. 1) Nausea inducing web design. 2) Absurdly hilarious crackpot invention, in this case a "compact disc" (sorry for the techie jargon) of construction noises for you to play loudly enough to deter burglars. 3) A contact page that points to another Dr. Pezzi M.D. web innovation that he thinks would revolutionize the internet if his genius weren't so unappreciated.
MySpamSponge is a site I developed that anyone can use to block all of their spam, but never any legitimate messages. With MySpamSponge, you communicate using handles instead of e-mail addresses. A handle is essentially a contact code that gives people a way to contact you via e-mail without you having to reveal your e-mail address. Similarly, you can send a message by using the recipient's handle as the address (mine is stopburglars). Smart people will quickly "get it" and realize that this could be the magic bullet that makes spam a thing of the past, but I wonder if the average Internet user can grasp a major innovation that didn't come from Microsoft or Google. We'll see.
In case you were wondering, the handle "doctor" is already taken by you know who. And you can bypass the captcha (unless you clear your cookies...) if you buy some of his books or products and he personally approves you. Watch out, Google! That business model scales!

Oh, and if you love internet dating but just hate having to write all those profiles for yourself, problem solved! Now you can benefit from the charm and wit of Dr. Pezzi M.D. and write them by selecting sentences from drop down menus! I can see now how Pezzi so easily bested Bill Gates in an unnamed battle of mathematical ability and logic. His logic is flawless!