Wednesday, August 04, 2010

No One Would Notice

The very frustrating thing about gas tax increases is that while I get that increasing them is a direct assault on everything which makes us proud Americans, if they could just pass it without telling anyone no one would even notice. People don't notice 3-5 cent fluctuations in the per gallon price. And it would raise a lot of money to pay for those roads which, despite myths, don't actually pay for themselves.

Rendell also said a 3.5-cent increase in the state's gasoline tax would raise $240 million, while boosting vehicle fees - to match inflation since they were last raised 13 years ago - would produce $327 million.

Pennsylvania's gas tax of 32.3 cents a gallon (including the franchise tax) is 13th-highest in the nation. The national average is 29.3 cents.


Rendell has been pushing for the legislature to be much more ambitious and raise about $3.5 billion a year for transportation. The funds would be used to reduce a backlog of 5,600 structurally deficient bridges and 7,000 miles of roads in poor condition, in addition to allowing transit agencies such as SEPTA to buy buses, install automated fare-collection systems, upgrade run-down passenger stations, and replace power substations.