Sunday, August 22, 2010



The public and CFR members generally see the world as more dangerous for the United States since the Cold War ended two decades ago. And majorities in both groups say the danger of an attack on the United States with a nuclear, biological or chemical weapon is greater now than a decade ago.

More Detail:

This is insane. Utterly delusional. A demonstration of the power of propaganda even in a society with very open communication systems. The survey itself exhibits the propaganda bias; "No major threat exists" is apparently not a choice.

The only threat that remotely compares to a country aiming thousands of nuclear weapons at US population centers, set to launch on command, is climate change. In some ways it is more insidious because it requires a government looking at generational timeframes. But, c'mon. Pakistani instability poses a threat to the US? 85% of the Serious People say so.

And, wonderin' aloud, the threat from Pakistan is that it will launch an attack against India, right? And the Iran threat involves attacking its neighbors. So, why is Israel, not an NPT signatory, not on this list?