Thursday, September 16, 2010

The GOP Daddies Of Yore

Glennzilla raises some important points about Villager hostility to O'Donnell. Basically, Villager scorn is largely class-based, in that they're not for the most part objecting to the food she likes to eat but the fact that she uses the wrong fork to eat it and doesn't put her cloth napkin on her lap. And while the anti-masturbation stuff might sound a bit kooky, we should also remember that there was a full Village Freakout when Joycelyn Elders dared to mention the word and she was promptly fired. Her views about sex are the official GOP views on sex - none ever until Jesus blesses it. It's funny that she's a creationist, but even many leading intellectual lights of the conservative movement can't admit that they believe in evolution.

Anyway, like Glenn, I don't know where this belief in a serious noncrazy Republican party comes from. They've been dominated by the worst for a very long time, and O'Donnell fits right in.