Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maybe He Knew What He Was Doing

Don't much like beating up on Waxman because he's usually a good guy, but I was alarmed at his crappy non-neutrality bill. Excerpt from press release just now:
This legislative initiative was predicated on going forward only if we had full bipartisan support in our Committee. We included the Republican staff in our deliberations and made clear that we were prepared to introduce our compromise legislation if we received the backing of Ranking Member Barton and Ranking Member Stearns.

With great regret, I must report that Ranking Member Barton has informed me that support for this legislation will not be forthcoming at this time.


I do not close the door on moving legislation this Congress. Cooler heads may prevail after the elections. But I want my position to be clear: my goal is the best outcome for consumers. If our efforts to find bipartisan consensus fail, the FCC should move forward under Title II. The bottom line is that we must protect the open Internet. If Congress can’t act, the FCC must.