Monday, September 06, 2010


James Kwak:

It’s possible that after school I will go back to more serious blogging; I do think it’s a valuable and potentially powerful medium, and certainly a lot more gratifying than writing academic papers.

It is the case that after starting this sucky blog and fairly quickly amassing an audience of HUNDREDS PER DAY, the lure of academic research was greatly diminished. It wasn't that I had no interest in it, but it was instead the realization that my new sucky blog would probably have more influence on the world than any academic work I was likely to do (there are actually a couple of heavily cited papers with my name on them floating around, and I don't just mean ones by that other Duncan Black). That was in 2002, 4 million blog years ago.

Though it is a demanding medium. To keep an audience you have to feed the beast. I think it was Dan Froomkin who said to me that if you're gone from the internet for the day you're gone forever. Exaggeration, of course, but there's truth to it.