Monday, November 08, 2010

When Radio Was Going To Save The World

Sam posted up the audio from the first Majority Report show, which I was a guest on roughly weekly for as long as the show was on. It's interesting thinking back to just how important Air America seemed at its launch. I was pretty horrible on that first show. Whether I was any good any other time I'll leave for the judgment of others. My advice for people appearing on radio is go into the studio. It's much easier to do a good job than if you're doing it by phone.

I still think more liberal radio would be a good thing, and as Air America was plagued by corrupt and bad management from the start its viability as a business model is still not clear, but I don't think people think the relative lack of liberal radio is as important as they did 6-7 years ago (rightly or wrongly).

Anyway, just reminiscing here. Please consider a modest contribution to this humble blog.