Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflects Poorly

Some people get more than sternly worded letters and cost of doing business fines when they lie to the court.

But New York judges are also trying to take the lead in fixing the mortgage mess by leaning on the lawyers. In November, a judge ordered Mr. Baum’s firm to pay nearly $20,000 in fines and costs related to papers that he said contained numerous “falsities.” The judge, Scott Fairgrieve of Nassau County District Court, wrote that “swearing to false statements reflects poorly on the profession as a whole.”

More broadly, the courts in New York State, along with Florida, have begun requiring that lawyers in foreclosure cases vouch for the accuracy of the documents they present, which prompted a protest from the New York bar. The requirement, which is being considered by courts in other states, could open lawyers to disciplinary actions that could harm or even end careers.

Obviously the days of the bar adequately policing their own, if they ever existed, are over. Don't want to hear anymore of that "ZOMG YOU MIGHT GET DISBARRED" crap on TV lawyer shows.