Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What we believe

Jay Ackroyd got turned on by Fishgrease's micro-broadcasting project, which led to him deciding to get a bunch of the Virtually Speaking crowd to make little statements of what we believe as liberals, which he and Stuart Zechman introduced on BTR on a VS Saturday episode (that you can stream at the link, or grab the podcast).

It occurred to me that we should all try to write such things crystallizing our beliefs as liberals, post them as articles or as videos, maybe send them to newspapers as letters of comment, maybe even print them up and pass them around to friends, family, co-workers, whoever.

Because the gods know we sure can't expect any description of liberalism that isn't based on right-wing memes of "big government" or "tax and spend" to be disseminated by anyone but us.

Not Atrios