Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Alternatives To Congestion Pricing

Since implementing it is politically difficult, I think there are some perhaps less objectionable actions which achieve much of the same result in places where such schemes would be desirable. Basically, instead of charging people more to drive you can charge them more to park. As the biggest target of a congestion pricing is peak commuting hours, focus on parking that such people are likely to use. The first is to make employees "pay" a market rate for their employer provided parking. If employers want to provide this as a benefit, they can hand it over in cash, and if the employee wishes to then rent a company parking space they can. If not they can pocket it, buy their supertrain pass, whatever. The second would be to slap a bigger tax on daily parking rates at other garages. These are also easier to implement.

...adding, doesn't matter much to me if I-76 is a parking lot most days during the commute. I offer these ideas to help you, drivers, not punish you.