Saturday, March 19, 2011

Summer Isn't The Only Season

Often when I talk about my various obsessions (parking, walkability, transit), someone chimes in about how the climate in city X is such that no sane person would ever consider walking anywhere nohow noway. And look, I get that heat is oppressive in some places in the summer, but in most of those places, the rest of the year it's pretty nice. That's why people moved there! 3 or so months of air conditioned lockdown, and then the rest of the year kinda nice and warm. Anyway, was responding to a random comment on the internet:

Dallas? Dallas? No one walks in Dallas. No one bikes. No one leaves air conditioning if humanly possible. It is a heat beyond yankee understanding. The moronic awning fines are beside the point. It is inimical to human existence. Think Wall-E with pickups. And I say this as someone who loves it.

The internet tells me the average high temperature is below 90 for 9 months of the year. So, summer is hot, and there's some extra hot randomly in May and September, but it isn't an oven year around.