Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sorry, but you were living under a rock if you thought the modern GOP wasn't about destroying everything.
On Tuesday morning, Zogby said a person would have had to been "living under a rock" to be surprised by the fact Gov. Tom Corbett's budget slashed spending and avoided tax increases. The Republican wants to cut state support for Penn State, Pitt, Lincoln and Temple universities in half, among other proposals.

"Gee, I followed the election pretty closely," said Pitt Chancellor Mark Nordenberg. "I had conversations with the governor while he was on the campaign trail. I co-chair his education transition committee. I don't think I was living under a rock. But, in fact, the depth and disproportionate nature of these proposed cuts was both stunning and surprising to me."

Sure he didn't campaign on cutting higher education spending, but he did campaign on... drastic spending cuts generally. You though you were immune?