Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atrios Is a Nerdy Nerd Train Nerd

We knew that already, but the appearance of a botched film based on a stupid book is just the icing on the statist cake.
Finally, a way to get liberals to abandon their romantic obsession with high-speed trains. It's the "Atlas Shrugged" movie! Roger Ebert haaaaates it and mocks the obsession with trains:

"Yes, although airplanes exist in this future, trains are where it’s at. When I was 6, my Aunt Martha brought me to Chicago to attend the great Railroad Fair of 1948, at which the nation’s rail companies celebrated the wonders that were on the way. They didn’t quite foresee mass air transportation. Atlas Shrugged seems to buy into the fair’s glowing vision of the future of trains. Rarely, perhaps never, has television news covered the laying of new railroad track with the breathless urgency of the news channels shown in this movie."

Thank you, Roger Ebert! I agree. We have planes now. To be enthusiastic about trains is to be like your Aunt Martha, really fossilized.
Indeed. The case for investment in high-speed rail has now been utterly destroyed by a shitty Ayn Rand film adaptation. Stupid liberals!

(Post refers to/makes fun of Ann Althouse; no link given, for tedious reasons. Hey you! Don't watch that! Watch this! This is the heavy heavy monster sound! Etc.)