Saturday, April 09, 2011

Late Night Conspiracy Unmasking

Hey, remember how two, three years ago Wall Street shysters got trillions in taxpayer cash so that the nation's economy would only crater and not violently explode? And remember how then the bastards who did it were let off without even a warning not to do it again?

Who even suspected, in those innocent days, Goldman Sachs was all along just fronting for the real crooks -- namely, teachers' unions?

Thank God we are finally holding Adult Conversations about the Economy. I mean, damn, otherwise our leaders might just do something self-serving, shortsighted, and stupid.

Dodged a bullet there!

MAS. Well, mas.

(You do sort of have to admire the party discipline here -- the boss has a tear-stained pink tie, cripes, what will you come up with... hallelujah, a watermelon cravat!

For fuck's sake.)