Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The virgin eyes of suburbanites are being destroyed by boobies.

Far from Center City or Off-Broadway or any of the places where you'd most expect it, an experiment in the avant-garde is under way in gritty, workaday Norristown.

There in the county seat not necessarily known for its edgy cultural offerings, theatergoers are being exposed to full frontal nudity.

Everyone involved concedes that while that sort of thing wouldn't rate a mention in New York, for Norristown, it is different.

Norristown isn't even really a suburb, it's a satellite city, not that it really matters. Suburban innocence lost...

...odd, I swear when I read that earlier there was something about 'appealing to suburbanites' or similar in the article. Anyway, point is just dumb framing of something.