Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Kids Are Alright

I'm not sure why people are surprised and even upset that some teenagers don't know who the hell bin Laden is. Bush said he didn't matter, then we replaced him with Saddam as Hitler of the Week, and then that guy in Iran, and now Ghaddafi. I'm sure for even somewhat aware teens, IraqAndAfghanistanAnd911 are all jumbled up in a confusing nonsensical mess because, you know what? It is a big clusterfuck of a nonsensical mess, with al Qaeda and the Taliban and SaddamHitlerHussein and various #2s and #3s that die off like Spinal Tap drummers, and endless wars with no purpose that anyone, even their advocates, can articulate with any clarity. No one's talked about bin Laden in years.

The kids are fine. It's our elite overlords that are all screwed up.