Monday, May 02, 2011

Management Failure

Mail just arrived and heart jumped a bit when I saw that there was a package of somewhat scary looking legal documents. For some reason I got copies of paperwork related to the bankruptcy filing of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Maybe it was sent to all subscribers for reasons I'm unclear on.

Anyway, this HuffPo article about it is pretty good. I don't think most of you care about my local orchestra, but it's another example of the people in charge fucking up royally and then attempting to stick it to the workers in order to try to clean up their mess.

One would hope that the Bankruptcy Court would, at a minimum, refuse to approve any plan that calls for any member of the Orchestra Association's Executive Committee to remain in position and that the entire host of vice presidents be sacked for their abject failures as well. These gentlemen and ladies who have betrayed a public trust and who have sought to hide their failures behind a smoke-screen of "it is all the fault of these over-paid, greedy musicians" deserve forced retirement instanter. A decade of bad decisions ought to have consequences. The Orchestra Association is about to embark on a massive fund-raising campaign styled "Listen With Your Heart." One hopes that the Bankruptcy Judge will instead adjudicate with his head and clean house without delay.