Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Insane Clown Posse

As annoyingly stupid as much of our political journalism is these days, it's worth remembering that back during the Clenis Era it was...well.. fucking insane. It peaked during Monica Madness, but it should be remembered that it was insane even before that.

A thousand little Woodwards and Bernsteins, desperate to even the score after Nixon and return the universe to harmonious balance. This passage from Brock's Blinded by the Right captures it pretty well:

My phone rang off the hook with interview requests, as reporters and TV producers, many of whom were now drawn into the morass of scandal just as I opted out, expected me to jump at the chance to proclaim that my disputed trooper story had been vindicated by Lewinsky revelations. Clinton was a lying sex fiend after all! I remember one particular call along these lines from Lisa Myers of NBC News, who had dogged the Clintons for years from her beat on Capitol Hill, and later aired the Juanita Broaddrick rape allegation. I was doing no interviews, I told Myers. But wasn't I feeling vindicated? she wanted to know. Not exactly, I said. In the five years since Troopergate, I began to explain, no evidence had emerged to connect Clinton's personal life with his performance as president. Well, the husky-voiced Myers pressed on obtrusively, as if she hadn't heard a word I said, Clinton had been lying about so much for so long, wasn't it great that he finally got caught? I clicked off.

Conversations like these left me frustrated, for what exactly had Clinton been lying about for so long, other than adultery?...