Friday, October 14, 2011

I Use Every Road

There's a weird mentality out there among some transit opponents, which is basically that mass transit isn't near me, so I won't use it, so don't spend my tax money on it. On the other hand, spending money on roads anywhere will benefit me, whether or not I use them, because I'm a driver. It doesn't quite make sense.

Tea party leaders assailed the plan as “a mass transit tax targeted at financial Titanic MARTA.”

“We all agree there is a traffic problem in metro Atlanta, and we support infrastructure improvements” on roads, read the statement from the Georgia Tea Party Patriots and Atlanta Tea Party. “The project list is not targeted to benefit the majority of citizens in the areas they need relief the most.”

Sme people are just mass transit hater and they're entitled to oppose such projects. But often the reasoning is just weird.