Tuesday, October 04, 2011

It's Not Nutpicking If That's What It Is

What the Big Dumb Commentariat thinks.
I agree that his #1 focus is all about himself and getting elected. He is not interested in black Americans except to talk about past issues so he can stir up emotions and get a few more votes. However, I do believe that he truly does not like white Americans. His dislike of whites goes back to when the British arrested his grandfather in Kenya for being a communist subversive.

His wh. grandmother was afraid of meeting blk. guys on the street, he tossed her under his bus when he told that story publicly in his book. Wonder how long the MS Media has been hiding this story? DARN...now they may have to report it too...awww!

Obama's hatred of whites explains a lot of his weirdness. How f***ed up is that to hate half of yourself? I've read that Hitler had a Jewish ancestor, and part of what made him so lethal was that deep-down, he knew he could never eradicate his own Jewish blood. Self-haters can be the most dangerous haters of all.

He cares about color - he hates white people. He also hates black people that disagree with him.

The evidence keeps mounting that Obama is going to go violent in 2012, if it remains inevitable that he is going to lose. And the pattern of violence will be predictable: If you are white, you aren't an Obama voter and must be kept from the polls.

I can't help but think of the internet, facebook organized "flash robs" of "minority youth" (cough cough) who have been creating havoc around the country, despite the best attempts of the MSM to downplay the situation.... I keep having this feeling that we're going to see large groups of minority youth (double cough cough) showing up at certain voting precincts on the First Tuesday in November.

Hopefully our next GOP candidate will milk this to the max, declaring Obama a leftist radical and challenging him to explain his affiliation with Shabazzz-- unlike McCain who and other establishment Republicans "did not want to go there".

Somehow I'm willing to bet that Obama's Spring Break in Pakistan consisted of drugs and muttah-prostitution. Although it wouldn't surprise me if Obama visited a radical madrassa or two.
That's just representative of this Big Dumb Stupid thread. I'm not being selective. Read it if you disbelieve.