Monday, December 12, 2011

The Game

I have a bunch of loans that are shit. You have a bunch of loans that are shit. They're stinking things up. Here's the cunning plan. You can insure my loans. I can insure your loans. Suddenly the risk is gone! Except it isn't, because you can't possibly afford to pay off on your insurance policies, and I certainly can't either, especially as the event that would trigger the insurance claims would mean that we're all destitute anyway. Such a system our Galtian Overlords have created!
Dozens of banks across Europe have sold large quantities of insurance to other banks and investors that protects against the risk of ailing countries defaulting on their debts, the latest illustration of the extensive financial entanglements among the continent's banks and governments.

Hey, at least this one gave out a big tip.

The City worker, who has not been named, is said to have bought a £1,860 bottle of vodka for all 24 tables at Rose in Marylebone.

The man, who was joined by nine friends at his table, also left a £10,000 tip on top of the £7,966 service charge on his bill for £71,000.60. The tip will be split between eight waitresses.

Still an asshole though:
"When the Ciroc Vodka came out, he began throwing £50 notes around. Dozens of girls began scrambling to pick them up off the floor."