Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nominal Illusion And Assholes

Regularly you get people bitching about the "high" salaries of teachers, bus drivers, whoever. Often I punch these "high" salaries into ye olde CPI calculator to see their equivalent in the year I graduated college, 1993. My memory - and it could be faulty - is that at that time getting an entry level job of about $30,000 was about the low end of "good." It wasn't awesome, but it was slightly better than merely ok, and a reasonable expectation for someone who did pretty well in college in "sensible" degree programs. $24,000 was on the crap end and $40,000 was more in the "hit the lottery" range. I went to a second tier state college, so we aren't talking the expectations of the extremely privileged here.

$30,000 in 1993 money is worth $47,000 today.