Monday, January 02, 2012

Green Shoots

Thinking back over the last few years, I'm reminded of the first several years of the Iraq war. It was, for awhile, a bit like farting in church to suggest that Our Great And Glorious Adventure in Iraq was maybe not going so swimmingly, even as the daily carnage continued. The light at the end of the tunnel was always just around the corner, and only someone who hated America would suggest otherwise.

With the economy, too, we were supposed to be on board with the idea that the home team was the comeback kid because, well, just because. America, fuck yeah! I suppose. A couple good months of jobs numbers and the "bears" were discredited as the America haters we all knew them to be.

Now, however, we seem to have settled into the "yes things suck but there's nothing to be done" mode. Can't win, don't try. I'm not sure it's better.